RISE for Equity Conference 2023

Speaker and Panelist

What an exceptional experience for us to have Robyn Davis participate in the RISE for Equity Conference 2023!  Robyn’s comments regarding “Workforce Equity and Culture in Remote Hybrid Workplaces” were both insightful and engaging.  Robyn skillfully drew on her leadership experience as both JD and CEO to bring a unique and important perspective to the conference.  We eagerly anticipate her return to RISE for Equity 2024!

Annual Kwanzaa Celebration, UWGB

Keynote Speaker

An inspiring presentation by Robyn Davis at UWGB’s Kwanzaa celebration! Seeing the positive reactions of the high school and college students, and how they hung on to everything Robyn shared made it even better!!

You were amazing!

Leadership Green Bay, 2018

Human Services Day presentation

Your message resonated with the class with some mentioning that you were a favorite speaker and they plan to give more and get more involved. Thanks for inspiring them!

UW-Oshkosh, March, 2018

Titan LeadHERship, Break Out Session – Human Services 3.64/4.0

You are inspiring, motivating, HILARIOUS and empowering in your words, stories and personality.


Excellent job!

Learning in Retirement, UWGB:

Presentation on Homeless Families in Brown County

Just excellent presenter, very motivating, please repeat this for other people. I’ll help spread the news.

September, 2012 and December, 2012

Robyn Davis is a true professional. She has a message to be told.

September, 2012 and December, 2012

Excellent, excellent, excellent presentation.

September, 2012 and December, 2012

Kwanzaa Celebration

Much appreciated your time and words of wisdom..

Your black girl magic is inspirational. I am motivated by your work and I aspire to do great things after your motivational speech.

Nonprofit Management

Thank you for coming and speaking to our Board. Your insight has given us a great jump-start on our 2020 path to success.

Unconscious Bias workshop: “Picture a Changing Community: A New Frame of Reference”

Center for Exceptional Leadership, St. Norbert College

Robyn was an excellent presenter and very engaging. I would go out if my way to see her speak again.

Very great perspective gained. It far exceeded the expectation.

Very effective delivery of the message and content.

Great discussion.

The session could not have come at a better time. Great content and presentation and she left us with tools and resources that will help us delve into this topic beyond the time available today.


Robyn has taught me so much in the short time I’ve had the benefit of her coaching and leadership training. She is humble, yet wise, and she has an amazing sense of humor, which makes learning memorable and fun. She also knows the power of questions to engage her audience and illuminate a problem or challenge. The best part about Robyn is she knows who’s in charge, and she also knows we also have the authority when walking in Christ. This last point is both liberating and encouraging to those who’ve committed to follow Christ and those who want to take their lives and spiritual calling to the next level.

Robyn Davis is a wonderful example of how women should act and carry themselves in leadership positions. She is a modern-day Deborah. She has humility as well as strength, wit as well as grace; she is an excellent listener but also isn’t afraid to speak her mind on matters of importance. I’m very blessed to have met Robyn through a national Christian Leaders forum, of which she is the leader of our regional group. She has been influential in my life and is very gifted in encouraging and empowering fellow leaders.